How to run Ubiq Mobile demo application

You can try Ubiq Mobile applications on your mobile device before start developing your own. To run Ubiq Mobile demo applications perform the following steps:

1. Install mobile client

For work with Ubiq Mobile applications from mobile devices, you should install universal client application onto mobile device. Different versions of Ubiq Mobile client program are either published in the appropriate app stores: Google Play!, Windows Phone Apps + Games Store, or can be downloaded from WAP site for Java ME phones. Check details on client download page.

2. Run mobile client

During first run, the client application registers itself in Ubiq Mobile network. For this purpose, it is connecting to special Ubiq Mobile server and receives unique client ID from this server. Without registration, client application cannot work with Ubiq Mobile system, so if the registration process fails due to some reasons, you should make another attempt to register mobile device a little bit later.

3. Run demo application

After successful registration, the mobile client is switching to a special application – Ubiq Mobile store, where the list of publicly available Mobile applications is displayed. Currently two applications are available – BattleShip and WebCam demo-applications. By going to the application description window and pressing “Install” button, the application can be installed on this particular client. After application installed it can be removed by pressing “Remove” button on application description window.

4. Connect webcam

In order to setup connection to webcam from webcam app you will need to:

  • Install video-translator on the computer with webcam device connected.
  • Run the translator app, set the number and pin-code for webcam device.
  • Add connection to webcam from client’s app.

What’s next?

After successful running demo Ubiq Mobile applications on your mobile device, you can develop and run your own application. Check start development guide or download sdk now.