How to install and run Ubiq Mobile SDK?

SDK installation package in .msi format can be downloaded from our website. Take a look at full list of available documentation. For installation package downloading you need to register on our website.


Download SDK

After successful registration, a standard Windows panel of user action choice (Run/Save) appears in the browser window (Fig.1). Choose an option of running installation program (Run button). Then the process of saving installation package to the local drive and its security scan is starting (Fig.2).


Fig. 1. Saving installation file on the hard disk


Fig. 2. Security scan dialog

After security scan process success, should be run installing SDK or another case installation process aborted.

Install SDK

Read thoroughly and accept terms and conditions of the license agreement (Fig.3):


Fig. 3. License agreement

After that, installation process starts (Fig.4):


Fig. 4. Installation status window

The progress bar shows current state of installation process

After completion of the installation process, the appropriate message will be displayed on the screen (Fig.5):

Fig. 5. Installation completion

As a result, Ubiq Mobile SDK should be installed in the folder “C:Program Files (x86)UbiqMobile”

To ensure that the SDK has been installed correctly, one can create within Visual Studio a new project of “Ubiq Mobile project” type. Ubiq Mobile SDK will offer to choose one of several available predefined templates as a basis for the new project (Fig.6):


Fig. 6. Predefined templates of Ubiq Mobile projects

Uninstall SDK

Uninstallation of the SDK from developer’s computer can be made through its installation program. If the SDK is already installed on the computer, restarting the installer will result in displaying the menu (Fig.7) with the following items: change installation, Repair installation, Uninstall.


Fig. 7. Menu options during installation program restart

If the user chooses uninstallation option, confirmation request is displayed (Fig.8):


Fig. 8. Uninstallation confirmation request

In case of confirmation the process of SDK uninstallation is started and the appropriate progress bar is displayed on the screen (Fig.9):


Fig. 9. SDK uninstallation process

After finishing the process, an information message is displaying on the screen (Fig.10):


Fig. 10. Uninstallation process successfully completed

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