Cross-platform apps creation


  • Programming interfaces (API) provide access to common business platforms and integration
  • One application operates on smartphones (iOS, Android, Windows Phone) as well as Java phones (Nokia Asha, Samsung, LG etc.)
  • Adaptive native-looking UI for smartphones
  • Decent unified UI for Java phones
  • Two models of graphics implementation (for smartphones & feature phones)

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UbiqMobile for Business

businessUbiqMobile removes the barriers companies face when it comes to mobilizing their business applications. It is a framework for cross-platform development of distributed mobile applications with complex server-side business logic. It makes applications to work on wide range of mobile devices, in slow and unstable mobile networks.

  • No need in accommodation of multiple devices and platforms
  • No need in reliable access and broadband Internet connectivity
  • No need in complicated integration with existing enterprise system

When do you need UbiqMobile?

  • to simplify and accelerate the mobile expansion of your business operations
  • to expand your reach to customers and employees
  • to increase revenues, foster loyalty and improve productivity

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UbiqMobile for Developers: SDK & IDE

developersYou can easily start develop your own Ubiq Mobile applications (or check Ubiq Mobile platform architecture first).

  • our SDK based on .NET platform
  • it consists of IDE (Visual Studio Plug-in), development tools and runtime platform
  • it includes tools for visual design, development, debugging and testing
  • it contatins templates and library components that enable rapid implementation of routine functionality
  • you may testing both in emulation mode and on real phones
  • one clich deployment to cloud
  • development, deployment and publishing time is reduced by 80% with all-in-one solution

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News & Blog

How to improve graphical UI of simple UbiqMobile application

March 14, 2016

In two previous posts related to UbiqMobile applications development we showed how to create a simple UbiqMobile application. We developed a single-screen app with a numeric counter in the center and two buttons below – for increasing and decreasing the counter. Now it’s time to make our application more nice-looking and show how one can … Continue reading How to improve graphical UI of simple UbiqMobile application


New version of UbiqMobile SDK 2.4 for Microsoft Visual Studio is available now

August 22, 2015

New version of UbiqMobile SDK 2.4 for Microsoft Visual Studio is available now Download What’s new in UbiqMobile SDK 2.4 for Microsoft Visual Studio: Push-notification sub system added New SlidePanel control added Layouting sub system improved Deploy application in cloud procedure improved Control elements “visibility” feature improved