UbiqMobile for Business

UbiqMobile is a framework for mobile development that streamlines how companies mobilize their business operations. By enabling mobile access, companies expand their reach to customers and employees – increasing revenues, fostering loyalty and improving productivity.

UbiqMobile removes the major barriers companies could face when it comes to mobilizing their business applications.

  • Mobile applications built with UbiqMobile operate on a range of devices – from entry-level feature phones to the most sophisticated smartphones and tablets.
  • The UbiqMobile framework is designed to deliver optimal performance – regardless of network quality, speed or bandwidth.
  • With UbiqMobile, complex business logic processing runs on the server side, reducing the functionality required for mobile devices and simplifying integration.

Major differentiators

  • Work on wide range of mobile devices (from simple feature phones to hi-end smartphones & tablets).
  • Work in any network conditions, including slow and unstable mobile networks
  • Easy and efficient creation of complex distributed mobile applications
  • Completely native looking mobile UI on different mobile platforms
  • No critical data stored on mobile device; all the data is stored on server side
  • Application business logic can be changed from server side, without updates on clients’ mobile devices
  • UbiqMobile SDK provides single environment for development all components of the application (both front-end and back-end)
  • No mobile development experience required from the programmers; all development is .NET-based
  • Simplified integration with existing enterprise information systems
  • Deployment to private, public or hybrid clouds
  • Easy scalability

For customers, use of UbiqMobile technology results in fast and easy development of high quality “lightweight” mobile interfaces to their complex business-critical distributed apps.

Target apps categories

  • Mobile extensions of enterprise systems
  • Social software
  • Interactive information retrieval systems
  • Event management systems
  • Online reservation systems
  • Remote interaction with intelligent devices (video cameras, home automation systems, etc.)
  • Other specialized systems

Basic schemes for cooperation

1. Licenses for UbiqMobile SDK

Annual licenses for the use of UbiqMobile SDK (in one of provided configurations) to develop mobile applications for your clients.

Licenses are of different levels depending on configuration and hosting of server end of application would it be customer’s server or cloud.

Cloud hosting fees (Azure by default) are paid separately.

2. Development agreement fee & annual technical support fee

  • We do also provide Customized versions of framework with special APIs for integration with existing enterprise systems as well as proprietary apps and solutions. In both cases the cost is determined and fixed in development (customization) agreement.
  • After development, integration and trail period from 3 to 6 months, any further support of the app is provided according to service agreement
  • Any further development could be done either by customer in-house or by us according to a new development agreement.

Cloud hosting fees (Azure by default) are paid separately, if applicable.