Ubiq Mobile enables developers to make the widest range of applications from simple gadgets and multi-user games to complex systems with diverse business logic. The most complex systems benefit the most from using Ubiq Mobile compared to other development suites.

  • Run-time environement is specially optimized for proper operating in slow and potentially unstable mobile connections
  • Significant mobile traffic savings
  • Automatic restoring of data connection after short-time breaks
  • User sessions saved during connection breaks-session continues rater than restarts once connection is restored

Ubiq Mobile Applications

We included several ready-made appplications with Ubiq Mobile Integrated Development Environment. By using these sample apps as templates, you can implement your very own applications with ease.

Sale cardMenuMobile 1С

Ubiq Mobile platform contains complete integration with 1С software and insures reliable and fast access to your 1С data.
In order to illustrate using 1C software in Ubiq Mobile application we have developed retail outlet service mobile application which depicts 1C: Retail configuration integration.
Key features:

  • View list of products, available in outlet
  • Product search:
    • By substring
    • By scanning product QR-code within mobile device camera
  • View and edit product details
  • Sales and arrivals registration
  • Edit product range
  • Statistics of:
    • Sales
    • Arrivals
    • Remainders


Nanny-pic1_newPhotoUbiqMobile Videonanny

Video monitoring – feature that helps a lot of parents, who are not able to be next to their babies all the time.

“Ubiq Mobile video nanny” allows you to supervise your baby even when you are on the work or business trip.


UbiqMobile Video Nanny is now available in App Store. Download and install one on your Apple mobile device (IPhone/IPad)

You don’t need to buy an additional specific device. You will need a laptop with webcam onboard or pc with webcam connected, which you use for skype e.g. and 5 mins to download our app. Download and installation notes are on application page.

Sea Battle: a Multi-User Game

This application implements Sea Battle, a classic turn-based strategy game. In this multi-user implementation, players can register a nickname and pick an opponent from the list. The players arrange their ships (or let the game arrange them in random order) and start the battle.

This application is an implementation of the large class of multi-user turn-based strategy games. All these games are based on a standard template included with Ubiq Mobile SDK. This template implements player registration and selection, dispatches turns and messages, handles invites and exceptions, and implements many other common activities. These activities remain pretty much the same regardless of the game logic. This allows developers save significant time by using up to 80% of ready-made code, concentrating completely on developing the game logic.


This service implements a webcam translation, displaying a video stream from a remote camera on a mobile device. All you need is an Internet-connected webcamm, either stand-alone or connected to a PC. The camera owner can register the device in the system, receiving a unique access number. By using this number, the owner can access the video stream translated by the camera. The video stream is displayed as a series of frames with customizable frame rate. By default, a traffic-saving rate of one frame per second is selected.

There are Public and Private modes available, allowing to restrict access to a certain webcam or open it to the public. In addition, each mobile user can access multiple webcams, quickly switching between multiple video streams.

This entire service is implemented in a ready-made template included with Ubiq Mobile SDK. By using this template, one can speed up the development of video surveillance, security and attendance control systems, entertainment and communication applications.