UbiqMobile Video Nanny


UbiqMobile Video Nanny is now available in App Store. Download and install one on your Apple mobile device (IPhone/IPad)

  • Nanny-pic1_newPhoto24 hours video monitoringnanny_phone_1
  • No additional device needed
  • Free app for any device (iOS, Android, Windows, Java)
  • Low traffic consumption
  • Stable operation regardless channel bandwidth

Video monitoring – feature that helps a lot of parents, who are not able to be next to their babies all the time.

Ubiq Mobile video nanny allows you to supervise your baby even when you are on the work or business trip.

You don’t need to buy an additional specific device. You will need a laptop with webcam onboard or pc with webcam connected, which you use for skype e.g. and 5 mins to download our app.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Download and install video translating software on your pc/laptop with webcam

Read detailed guide

Download and install mobile application. Connect to pc/laptop webcam from mobile application

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It’s done! Now you can watch your baby and attach more webcams

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